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St Benedict Abbey

Our monastery is a little more “outward-looking” than many. We are true monks, but we are not cloistered. We are quick to reach out to visitors and have a strong sense that God calls us to help every soul who walks in the door.  Our lives are ordered toward saving souls, whether though private prayer, or a quiet chat with a visitor. Hundreds of people have walked in our doors seeking direction, help, and healing.

Part of who we are is to be out in the community… whether in our small New England town, the Catholic community in Massachusetts, or our wide network of friends throughout the country, and indeed, the world!

Every trip that takes us outside the abbey grounds, we see as an opportunity for evangelization. This tradition has its roots in our history of selling Catholic books nationwide—a colorful time about which Fr. Peter can tell many humorous and inspiring tales!

Our unique history, which began at Harvard with a vibrant student center, means that we have a close connection to the descendants of dozens of students, who became parents and grandparents… and who still find a spiritual home here at the Abbey.

In all we do we strive to show forth authentic joy—through the sacraments and beautiful liturgy, to be sure, but also through family-friendly picnics and retreats. In the end, there is a healthy tension between our vow of stability—rooting ourselves here in the monastery—while caring intensely about every soul outside in the world.

Qualiter animae salventur!

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