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St Benedict Abbey

The Abbey’s pastoral location in Still River, Massachusetts, overlooking the Nashua River, lifts up the soul and makes it easy to say with the psalmist, “The heavens proclaim the glory of God, and the firmament declares His praise.”

St. Benedict’s is, at once, a place of peace, a place of prayer, and a place apart where visitors encounter God in such a way that their lives bear witness to His love for all men and women.

Our monks strongly believe that Christ’s presence in us is ultimately what makes Saint Benedict Abbey important. As one brother put it, “Without our genuine striving for holiness, the Abbey would be little more than a museum with a beautiful view, and a few odd characters to point out the artifacts.”

The monks of Saint Benedict Abbey make God’s presence known by seeking Him, relying on His unfailing grace for ourselves and those whom we are called to inspire.

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