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St Benedict Abbey

Are you ready to put Jesus at the center of your life and make an eternal difference in the lives of others?

Consider joining the Monks at Saint Benedict Abbey.

When you become a monk of Saint Benedict Abbey you join an ancient spiritual brotherhood at the heart of the Church, grounded in the life of the Trinity. Unlike living in today’s fast paced world that leads us away from God, prayer and grace, the Abbey offers a slower pace, a prayerful life and a strong fraternity that helps each brother on his journey to heaven.

Are you ready to:

  • Set an example of living holy and joyful lives consecrated to God by our monastic vows, prayer, work and fraternal charity?
  • Lead others to Christ through Mary?
  • Be present and approachable for those searching for God?
  • Commit to yourself to the daily sacrifice of the Mass and the prayer of the Church?

Some people wait until the end of their lives to ask, “How do I save my soul?” The big question is, “How does God want you to save your soul today?” What is your calling in this life to attain eternal life?

How do you find out the answer to that question? First of all, you have to trust Our Lord enough to allow him to be a part of the conversation. When one of the apostles wanted to get to know Jesus better, he asked Him, “Where do you live?” Our Lord replied, “Come and see!”

Vocation Discernment Weekend

Consider joining us for a Discernment Weekend to experience the monastic life with us.

“And let them first pray together, that so they may associate in peace.”

from The Rule of Saint Benedict

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Explore our way of life, join us for Mass or prayer, or schedule a retreat. All visitors welcome!

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