Our Vows

St Benedict Abbey

As Benedictines, we take solemn vows that promote the harmony of our common life and help us individually as we strive for holiness.

Stability – The monk commits himself to live and work with the community of monks he has joined. This group of monks is his home. He embraces this place and these men as his path to holiness.

Fidelity to the Monastic Way of Life – The monk commits himself to all that constitutes the Monastic Way of Life, including poverty and chastity, and that radical change of heart to become like Christ in all he thinks, says and does. He embraces a new life that is specifically monastic in character, a life of prayer, work, Lectio Divina, community, silence, and a moderate degree of solitude.

Obedience – The monk commits himself to freely give up his own will in order to follow the will of God as expressed by the Abbot whom, as Saint Benedict teaches, is believed to take the place of Christ. The monk’s vow of obedience is not military but filial, and reflects the love, respect, and dependence which Jesus has for the Father, especially in becoming Man and suffering and dying for us.

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