Brother Joachim’s Work Projects

St Benedict Abbey

Brother Joachim is always hard at work around the Abbey!

Absolutely unafraid of heights, Brother Joachim took the bucket all the way up to its full 60 feet to get some aerial pictures of the Abbey buildings, but he always uses a harness when he has a hazardous assignment.

Chartier Construction re-sided the whole outside of Saint Mary Guest House and Brother Joachim fitted beautiful new windows.

You could just as easily find him climbing all over the top of a pile of trees and brush being hauled away in our utility dump trailer after cleaning up the yard or you might find him sitting casually on the roof examining the peeling asphalt shingles 40 feet from the ground on the roof of Saint Joseph Guest house. Br. Joachim is always fixing something around the Abbey!

With feet a lot closer to the ground, Brother Joachim rewired lighting from the basement or by squeezing into the tiny crawl space up in the attic.

A wizard with a drill or hammer, Brother Joachim is also a big help with guest groups and he is also the Abbot’s acolyte for all major liturgical events as well.

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