Mission Advancement

St Benedict Abbey
The Mission Advancement Office of Saint Benedict Abbey is committed to supporting the monastic life of Saint Benedict in Still River, Massachusetts. The purpose of the Mission Advancement Office is to communicate the Abbey’s mission, to develop and nurture relationships, and to secure resources that will extend the Abbey’s mission and ensure its future growth. Currently, our primary focus is to increase  Vocations.

The Mission Advancement Office is a viable link between the Abbey, its monks, and the larger community as a tool to communicate the Abbey’s mission, encourage prayer and spiritual awareness, comfort those in need, and build and foster lifelong friendships. In addition, the Mission Advancement Office is an avenue for our supporters to offer financial support to sustain the Abbey’s mission well into the future.

Establishing a Mission Advancement Office is the driving force behind increasing vocations. The recruitment of more men to the Abbey as future monks is extremely important for the continuation of the spiritual welfare of our monastic community and the many guests that visit the Abbey annually.

For more information on giving opportunities, please contact a member of the Advancement staff.

Phone: (978) 456-3221 x 139

Email: mission@abbey.org

Fr. Peter Connelly: fatherpeterosb@gmail.com

We thank you for your past support and continued dedication to Saint Benedict Abbey. We invite you to pray with us daily.