Vocation Awareness

St Benedict Abbey


Each monk of Saint Benedict Abbey once heard these words of Jesus in his own heart and knew Jesus was speaking to him.  Each of us knew we had to act. Through the help of others, and especially through persistent prayer and sacrifice, we each came to understand that Jesus was calling us to follow Him as a Monk of Saint Benedict Abbey. By our monastic vows of Stability, Conversion of Life and Obedience, we commit ourselves to Jesus for life so that He can bear fruit through us.

We believe that, just as He called each of us, so is He calling other men to become monks of Saint Benedict Abbey. We also believe that Jesus expects us, his disciples, to make His call known to others. This we do first, by striving each day to be more faithful to our monastic vows and our consecration. “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Second, by persistent and earnest prayer: “Ask the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into His harvest”, and finally, by encouraging young men to consider being a monk of Saint Benedict Abbey: “Follow Me, and I will make you Fishers of Men.”

Vocation outreach is vital to spreading the word of Saint Benedict Abbey and introducing our life of prayer and work to young men and their families. We are “fishing for a few good men”, casting our net beyond the pond to introduce young men to monastic life as an opportunity to discover and understand Jesus’ calling.

Working through existing relationships around the country, Fr. Anthony Kloss, O.S.B. Vocation Director, and Fr. Peter Connelly, O.S.B. Director of Public Relations will visit parishes, schools, military bases, and families to engage young men and their families to make them aware of our monastery and invite them to visit to learn more about us and experience life at the Abbey.

Funds are needed to support:

  • our Vocation team’s travel
  • create printed and electronic presentation materials

Through your prayers and financial support, our monks are able to travel beyond our local community to offer vocation workshops and have printed and electronic media materials available to share with interested young men and their families.

By donating to our Vocation Awareness Program, you are doing your part in fostering vocations and helping to secure the future of Saint Benedict Abbey for the next generation for your family and all those who benefit from our prayer and hospitality.

We thank you for your past support and continued dedication to Saint Benedict Abbey. We invite you to pray for vocations with us daily.